Research Interests

Applications of communication theory, statistical signal processing and information theory to wireless communication systems

  • Training in fading and dispersive channels
  • Iterative message passing methods in communication systems
  • Channel estimation, interference suppression and management
  • PHY-MAC interaction in wireless networks

Research Projects

  • TUBITAK, "Network Coding Strategies for Noisy Wireless Networks," 2011-2013, (with principal investigator Assoc. Prof. Ali Ozgur Yilmaz)
  • TUBITAK, "Iterative and Distributed Processing in Wireless Networks," 2006-2011, (Principal investigator)
  • European Commission-FP6, "Training-Aided Broadband Wireless Networks," 2006-2008, (Principal investigator)
  • TUBITAK, "Computerized Tomographic Imaging of Electron Density by GPS Measurement," 2006-2008 (with principal investigator Prof. Feza Arikan)