Hacettepe University

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

ELE 118 Computers and Programming II 

SECTIONS 21-22-23

Text Book:

J.R.Hanly and E.B.Koffman, Problem Solving and Program Design in C, Pearson, Seventh Edition, 2013 (older editions can also be used). 


bullet      Dr. Mehmet Demirer (section 21 - 22)

bullet      Dr. Seniha Esen Yuksel (section 23)


bullet       Dr. Mehmet Demirer: 297 7025

bullet       Dr. Seniha Esen Yuksel: 297 7000 / 145





Course Homeworks

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    No handwritten homeworks are accepted.
    MUST include PADIT steps UNLESS otherwise specified in the homework.
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You will have irregular lab hours within the semester at the Computer Lab. in the department.  Check the announcements on the OGR page for labs. (will be available before labs)


Slides and Files:

Compiler   (Win 8 users, dowload from here: )

Course Slides

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Midterm %40, Final %40, Homeworks + Labs %20

Attendance is required in all course hours and labs.



Introduction. Constants, variables, expressions, statements. Selective structures. Repetitive structures and arrays. Functions. Pointers. Multi-dimensional arrays.

Course Outline

1. Overview of Computers and Programming
1.1 Computer Architecture
1.2 Program Development

2. Overview of C (1.*, 2.1-2.6, 3.2, 7.1-7.2)
2.1 C Language Elements
2.2 Variable Declarations and Data Types
2.3 Executable Statements
2.4 General Form of a C Program
2.5 Arithmetic Expressions
2.6 Formatting Numbers in Program Output
2.7 Library Functions
2.8 Representation and Conversion of Numeric Types
2.9 Representation and Conversion of Type char

3. Selection Structures: IF and SWITCH Statements (4.*)
3.1 Relational and Logical Operators
3.2 if Statement
3.3 Compound Statements
3.4 Nested if Statements
3.5 switch Statement

4. Repetition and Loop Statements (5.*)
4.1 while Statements
4.2 for Statements
4.3 do-while Statements
4.4 Nested Loops

5. Modular Programming (3.4-3.5, 6.*)
5.1 Functions without Arguments
5.2 Functions with Input Arguments
5.3 Functions with Simple Output Parameters
5.4 Scope of Names
5.5 Formal Output Parameters as Actual Arguments
6. Arrays (8.*)
6.1 Declaring and Referencing Arrays
6.2 Array Subscripts
6.3 Using for Loops for Sequential Access
6.4 Using Array Elements as Function Arguments
6.5 Arrays Arguments
6.6 Multidimensional Arrays

7. Strings (9.1-9.4)
7.1 String Basics and strcpy, strcat, strcmp, strchr, strstr
7.2 String Comparison

8. Struct and Unions

9. Linked Lists