5G Testbed Valley Protocol signed
August 25, 2017
A protocol was signed on August 15, 2017, by Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Turkey (BTK), Hacettepe University, Bilkent University, Middle East Technical University, and wireless operators Turk Telekom, Turkcell and Vodefone to form a 5G testbed.
The testbed is envisioned to form an ecosystem in which new technologies and applications can be tested and brought to life in a living 5G network. In 5G, wireless communication and internet will merge and provide speed improvements and delay reductions of up to 100 times. 5G will provide not only improved communication technologies, but it will also be a platform upon which innovative applications in the areas of internet of things, smart cities, smart vehicles, health, smart agriculture, and entertainment can be developed. It is aimed that the know-how and products obtained while developing new technologies and applications in the ecosystem will contribute to the competitiveness of our country in 5G-related technologies.

Researchers of our department will have the oportunity to collaborate with national and international research institutes and perform 5G and beyond R&D projects. State - university - industry collaborations are expected to strongly contribute to the experience and competitiveness of our students in these areas.

We express our gratitudes to our faculty members Dr. Emre Aktaş and Dr. Cenk Toker for their sigificant contributions to this project on behalf of our university.