Theses & Dissertations
Theses and/or dissertaions supervised by Dr. Adnan Köksal
Found PhD Dissertation(s): 3
Found MSc Thesis(s): 17
#TitlePrepared bySupervised byLevelDate
1Application of the Shifted Frequency Internal Equivalence to Two Dimensional Lossy ObjectsBuğra AydemirDr. A. KöksalMSc2018
2Performance Evaluation of Shifted Frequency Internal Equivalence Algorithm for Two Dimensional Electromagnetic Scattering ProblemsAlper ÜnalDr. A. KöksalMSc2016
3Application of Shifted Frequency Internal Equivalence to 3D Electromagnetic Scattering ProblemsSevda ÖzdemirDr. A. KöksalPhD2016
4Two-Step Moment Method for Structures with Finite Substrates and Application to Linearly Tapered Slot AntennasArzu KeskinDr. A. KöksalPhD2015
5Analysis of Thick Wire Antennas by Using the Method of MomentsYiğit HaykırDr. A. KöksalMSc2015
6Analysis of EM Scattering from 2-D Arbitrary ShapesHaluk Doğuş SezerDr. A. KöksalMSc2013
7Analysis Of Triangular AntennasSevda BalkDr. A. KöksalMSc2008
8Analysis Of Arbıtrary Shaped Structures By Using Triangular Patch Modeling In The Moment MethodTekin KaçarDr. A. KöksalMSc2008
9Theory and Design of Broadband Directional CouplerTunahan KırılmazDr. A. KöksalMSc2007
10Design of Wire Antennas Using Genetic AlgorithmSemanur KırıcıDr. A. KöksalMSc2007
11Multi-Frequency Electromagnetic Scattering Formulation Using Shifted Frequency Internal EquivalenceErcüment KarapınarDr. A. KöksalPhD2007
12Transient Analysis of Wire Structures Utilizing an Implicit Time Domain Technique and Higher Order InterpolationÖmür Ahmet DemirDr. A. KöksalMSc2006
13Elektromanyetik Problemlerin EG-HFD Yöntemi İle ÇözülmesiAli Can ŞimşekDr. A. KöksalMSc2004
14İletken Yüzeylerin Geçici Elektromanyetik TepkisiHayriye ElagözDr. A. KöksalMSc2004
15Transient Analysis of Wire Structures Utilizing an Implicit Time Domain TechniqueArzu KeskinDr. A. KöksalMSc2003
16Analysis of Radiation Patterns of Microstrip Antennas on Cylindrical StructuresRıza UluşahinDr. A. KöksalMSc2003
17Application of Simplified Real Frequency Technique to Microwave Amplifier Design and Broadband MatchingSerhat GökkanDr. A. KöksalMSc2002
18Analysis of Arbitrary Wire Structures by Time Domain Integral Equation MethodCengiz EkenDr. A. KöksalMSc2002
19Analysis of a Discrete Coil Induced Current Electrical Impedance Tomography SystemMehmet DemirbilekDr. A. KöksalMSc2001
20Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Planar Conducting Bodies by Characteristic CurrentsDicle CengizDr. A. KöksalMSc1997

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