Publications of İbrahim Bozyel
TypeInternational publicationNational publicationTotal
Journal paper66
Conference paper22
# Title Publication Author(s) Type Indexed in SCI, SSCI, AHCI or EI? Year
1Experimental Investigation of Microfluidic Device for Platelet ActivationIEEE Transactions on Biomedical EngineeringN. Demir, İ. Bozyel, B. Erman, D. Gökcen, M. DumanJournal paperYesSeptember
2AI-based Liquid Classification with Laser-Induced Graphene Flex-Sensor2022 IEEE International Conference on Flexible and Printable Sensors and Systemsİ. Bozyel, A. Endes, A. Akkoca, B. Yüksekkaya, D. GökcenConference paperJuly
3Determining electrical percolation threshold of randomly distributed conductor materials in polymer composites via pathfinding algorithmsComposites Science and Technologyİ. Bozyel, D. GökcenJournal paperYesJune
4Sustainable Macromolecular Materials in Flexible ElectronicsMacromolecular Materials and EngineeringB. Kilicarslan, İ. Bozyel, D. Gökcen, C. BayramJournal paperYesMarch
5Triple mode and multi-purpose flexible sensor fabrication based on carbon black and thermoplastic polyurethane composite with propolisSensors and Actuators A: Physicalİ. Bozyel, Y. İnce Keser, D. GökcenJournal paperYesDecember
6Polydimethylsiloxane-based capacitive motion sensor and its read-out circuitInternational Journal of Circuit Theory and ApplicationsÖ. Yıldırım, İ. Bozyel, K. Saka, T. Kayıkçıoğlu, D. GökcenJournal paperYesApril
7A Flexible and Low-Cost Tactile Sensor Produced by Screen Printing of Carbon Black/PVA Composite on Cellulose PaperSensorsY. Şekertekin, İ. Bozyel, D. GökcenJournal paperYesMay
8Design of A Highly Sensitive, Flexible and Stretchable Tactile Sensor for Electronic Skin ApplicationsGlasgow, United KingdomI. Attar, K. S. Altintig, İ. Bozyel, D. GökcenConference paperJuly

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