Publications of Dr. Ali Ziya Alkar
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Journal paper1313
Conference paper14620
# Title Publication Author(s) Type Indexed in SCI, SSCI, AHCI or EI? Year
1Switches: A Scalable Unidirectional Payment Channel Model in Ethereum6th High Performance Computing Conference A. Z. Alkar, B. B. Zorba, A. Ozsoy, M. AydosConference paperDecember
2Improving pedestrian safety using combined HOG and Haar partial detection in mobile systemsTraffic Injury PreventionM. E. Mıhçıoğlu, A. Z. AlkarJournal paperYesJune
3Indoor localization and tracking by multi sensor fusion in Kalman filter.26th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU) A. Z. Alkar, S. B. KayaConference paperMay
4Enhancing the Accuracy for the Open-loop Resolver to Digital ConvertersJournal of Electrical Engineering & TechnologyA. Z. Alkar, F. A. KarabeyliJournal paperYesJanuary
5Comparision and Evaluation of e-Government Benchmarking Studies.Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Digital GovernmentA. Z. Alkar, M. AfyonluoğluConference paperJune
6Sensors in Assisted Living: A survey of signal and image processing methodsIEEE Sıgnal Processıng MagazıneA. Z. Alkar, S. Velipasalar, F. Erden, E. ÇetinJournal paperYesMarch
7Contact-free measurement of respiratory rate using infrared and vibration sensorsInfrared Physics & TechnologyA. Z. Alkar, F. Erden, E. ÇetinJournal paperYesNovember
8A robust system for counting people using an infrared sensor and a cameraInfrared Physics & Technology A. Z. Alkar, F. Erden, E. ÇetinJournal paperYesSeptember
9Background modelling for pan tilt camera Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), 2014 22nd A. Z. Alkar, A. Yildirim, G. KutalmisConference paperApril
10Location estimation improvement by signal adaptive RSSI filtering Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), 2014 22nd A. Z. Alkar, S. BugraConference paperApril
11 Real time object recognition using SIFT algorithm on FPGASignal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), 2014 22nd A. Z. Alkar, S. GuvenConference paperApril
12Real Time Wildfire Smoke Detection on Moving Camera22nd Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference A. Z. Alkar, I. ArslanConference paperApril
13A Load Balancing Protocol for IP Based Pervasive NetworksThe Smart Computıng RevıewA. Z. Alkar, J. Ş. RoachJournal paperNoOctober
14Analysis on the Column Sum Boundaries of Decimal Array MultipliersCircuits and Systems (MWSCAS)A. Z. Alkar, K. BozdaşConference paperAugust
15A secure tracking system for GPS-enabled mobile phonesProceedings of the 5th International Conference on Information Technology & Multimedia B. H. Tahsin, A. Z. AlkarConference paperNovember
16Eye Tracking Methods & Designing/Developing Related Applications, US-Turkey Assistive Technology Workshop at Yeditepe University, İ,stanbul,A. Z. Alkar, T. H. OduncuConference paperJune
17IP based home automation systemIEEE Transactions on Consumer ElectronicsA. Z. Alkar, J. Roach, D. BaysalJournal paperUnspecifiedNovember
18Web Based ZigBee Enabled Home Automation SystemProceedings of the 13th International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBIS 2010)A. Z. Alkar, H. S. Geçim, M. GüneyConference paperOctober
19Güvenlik Sistemlerinde Video Aslının ve Bütünlüğünün Doğrulanması için bir Donanım Tasarımı4th International Security & Cryptology ConferenceÖ. Uyanık, A. Z. Alkar, E. UnganConference paperMay
20Interenet Content Search Using FPGA'sProceedings of the 16th International Conference on Information and Software Technologies, IT2010İ. Aydın, A. Z. AlkarConference paperApril
21Highly accurate reduced iteration CORDIC processor algorithmInternational Journal of ElectronicsE. Aytöre, A. Z. AlkarJournal paperUnspecifiedFebruary
22An Internet-Based Interactive Embedded Data-Acquisition System for Real-Time ApplicationsIEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and MeasurementM. A. Karaca, A. Z. AlkarJournal paperUnspecifiedMarch
23Efficient Embedded Neural-Network-Based License Plate Recognition SystemIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGYH. Caner, H. S. Geçim, A. Z. AlkarJournal paperUnspecifiedSeptember
24Web Based Automated Total Electron Content ComputationProceedings of 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Space TechnologiesA. Z. Alkar, U. Sezen, O. UgurluConference paperSeptember
25A GSM, Internet and Speech Controlled Wireless Interactive Home Automation SystemIEEE Transactions on Consumer ElectronicsB. Yüksekkaya, A. A. Kayalar, M. B. Tosun, M. K. Özcan, A. Z. AlkarJournal paperUnspecifiedAugust
26HW/SW Codesign of FPGA-based Neural NetworksProceedings of Fifteenth Turkish Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, TAINN'06A. Uçar, A. Z. AlkarConference paperJune
27An Autonomous Vehıcle System with an Improved Image Processing Methodology3rd International Traffic and Road Safety CongressA. Z. Alkar, M. Gökçay, H. O. ŞirinConference paperMay
28An internet based wireless home automation system for multifunctional devicesIEEE Transactions on Consumer ElectronicsA. Z. Alkar, U. BuhurJournal paperUnspecifiedNovember
29A hardware version of the RSA using the Montgomery's algorithm with systolic arraysIntegration, the VLSI JournalA. Z. Alkar, R. SönmezJournal paperUnspecifiedDecember
30An ASIC Implementation of the RSA Algorithm18th MUG International ConferenceA. Z. Alkar, R. SönmezConference paperFebruary
31IDEA Algoritmasının Donanımsal Uygulaması1. Ulusal Iletişim Teknolojileri SempozyumuA. Z. Alkar, S. A. KaracaConference paperOctober
32A VLSI Implementation of DES and 3 DES Algorithms17th MUG International Conference 2000 CDROM.A. Z. Alkar, L. Ertaul, H. S. Geçim, R. SönmezConference paperSeptember
33Validating Behavioral VHDL DescriptionsProceedingsof the Synthesis and System Integration of Mixed TechnologiesA. Z. Alkar, M. LightnerConference paperAugust

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