Publications of Dr. Gürhan Bulu
TypeInternational publicationNational publicationTotal
Journal paper123
Conference paper9312
1Bandwidth Expansion of Nawrrowbad Speech using Artificial Neural Networks and Quality EnhancementDokuz Eylul University Faculty of Engineering Journal of Science and EngineeringG. Bulu, A. S. BingölJournal paperJanuary
2Antenna Port Selection in a Coordinated Cloud Radio Access NetworkIEEE Communications LettersG. Bulu, T. Ahmad, R. H. Gohary, C. Toker, H. YanıkömeroğluJournal paperMarch
3Space weather studies of IONOLAB groupURSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference (URSI AP-RASC)F. Arıkan, U. Sezen, C. Toker, H. Artuner, G. Bulu, U. Demir, E. Erdem, O. Arıkan, H. Tuna, T. Gulyaeva, S. Karatay, Z. MosnaConference paperOctober
4Energy Efficient Power Control and Radio Resource Management in Multi-Connectivity FrameworkSignal Processing and Communication Application Conference (SIU), 2016 24thÖ. Haliloğlu, C. Toker, G. Bulu, B. Yüksekkaya, H. YanıkömeroğluConference paperMay
5Improved IONOLAB-TEC Space Weather ServiceInternational Reference Ionosphere (IRI) Workshop 2015F. Arıkan, U. Sezen, C. Toker, H. Artuner, G. Bulu, S. KaratayConference paperNovember
6Energy Efficient Radio Resource Management in a Coordinated Multi-Cell Distributed Antenna SystemIEEE 25th Annual International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC)Ö. Haliloğlu, C. Toker, G. Bulu, H. YanıkömeroğluConference paperSeptember
7Generalized coordinated port selection in a multi-cell distributed antenna system using semidefinite relaxationIEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Communications (PIMRC 2013), G. Bulu, T. Ahmad, R. Gohary, H. Yanikomeroglu, C. TokerConference paperSeptember
8Radio Resource Mangement in a Coordinated Cellular Distributed Antenna System By Using Particle Swarm OptimizationIEEE 77th Vehicular Technology ConferenceÖ. Haliloğlu, C. Toker, G. Bulu, H. YanıkömeroğluConference paperJune
9First survey results of quantified user behavior in user-in-the-loop scenarios for sustainable wireless networksIEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC2012-Fall)R. Schoenen, G. Bulu, A. Mirtaheri, T. Beitelmal, H. YanikomerogluConference paperSeptember
10Quantified user behavior in user-in-the-loop spatially and demand controlled cellular systemsEuropean Wireless (EW 2012)R. Schoenen, G. Bulu, A. Mirtaheri, T. Beitelmal, H. YanikomerogluConference paperApril
11Green communications by demand shaping and user-in-the-loop tariff-based controlIEEE Grencom 2011R. Schoenen, G. Bulu, A. Mirtaheri, H. YanikomerogluConference paperSeptember
12Spectral envelope extension of narrowband speech using neural networksSIU 2011G. Bulu, A. S. BingölConference paperApril
13Comparision of Night Vision Googles and Flir Systems in Airborne ApplicationsKHO Savunma Bilimleri DergisiH. Koçer, Ö. H. Tekbaş, G. BuluJournal paperNovember
14Dar Bantlı Konuşmanın İzgel Zarfının DışdeğerlenmesiSİU'2007, Sinyal İşleme ve Uygulamaları KurultayıG. Bulu, A. S. BingölConference paperJune
15Speech Coding at Low Bit Rates Using the Sinusoidal ModelINISTA2005, International Symposium on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and ApplicationsG. Bulu, A. S. BingölConference paperJune

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