PhD Theses

  • Rasit Tutgun: Ph.D. June 2015, "Network Coded Automatic Repeat Request Methods for Cooperative Wireless Systems"
  • Ilgin Safak: Ph.D. Jan. 2013, "Equivalent Relay Channel Approach to GF(q) Network Coded Wireless Networks"

MS Theses

  • Cansu Sunu: M.S. June 2014, "Adaptive modulation and coding in multiple relay cooperative communication channels with automatic repeat request"
  • Ibrahim Ozkan: M.S. June 2014, "Hybrid ARQ methods in cooperative wireless communications"
  • Merve Sefunc: M.S. June 2014, "Comparison of spatial modulation and antenna selection in MIMO networks"
  • Miray Kocabas: M.S., May 2011, "Modeling and simulation of wireless communication channel"
  • I. Cem Karabakal: M.S., September 2010, "Iterative algorithms on wide-band wireless communication systems"
  • Tolga Uygunol: M.S., June 2010, "OFDMA resource allocation using factor graph method in single cell and cellular networks"
  • H. Aziz Celebi: M.S., June 2010, "Factor graphs for subcarrier allocation in OFDMA relay network"
  • Rasit Tutgun: M.S., Janunary 2009, "Pilot design in time division duplexing code division multiple access systems"
  • Burcu Kutlukaya: M.S., September 2008, "Turbo equalization" (co-advisor with Prof. Mehmet Safak)
  • E. Baran Akkus: M.S., September 2008, "Serial concatenation of low density parity check codes and differential modulation"
  • Nisa Turel: M.S., September 2008, "Power spectral density and probability density function estimation of the total electron content of the ionosphere layer"
  • Umut Suphi Sener: M.S., January 2008, "Channel estimation and capacity calculation using pilot symbols: finite frame case"