Dr Ali Ziya Alkar

Work Information

Classes Thought:

Ele 413 Micropocessor and Computer Architecture Fall Semester

Ele 414 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture II Spring Semester

Ele 108 Computers and Programming II - Pascal - Spring Semester

Ele 711 CMOS VLSI Design - Fall Semester

Ele 710 Analog IC Design - Fall Semester

Ele 749 Computer Organization and Design - Fall Semester

ELE 417 Special Topics - Embedded System Design - Spring Semester
ELE 491 Special Topics - CMOS VLSI and FPGA Design - Fall Semester

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Contact Information

Hacettepe University 
Department  of Electrical & Electronics Engineering 
Beytepe / 06800/ Ankara - TURKEY

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Academic Interests

First VLSI Design at the Hacettepe University DES Crypto Chip
(our ASIC RSA Crypto chip - 2004 Vlsi Integration)

VLSI, Computer Architecture and Programming, Microprocessors and Digital Design, VLSI Simulation and Testing, Hardware Description Languages, Application of Cryptology to hardware. Software Engineering, High Level Synthesis, Distributed Systems and Pervasive Computing

Capabilities of our lab includes design and analysis with:

Hacettepe University is a member of  EUROPRACTICE services

Some Interests:

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