Electrical Machinery Laboratory

Electric Machinery Laboratory is used both as an educational and as a research laboratory by the undergraduate and graduate level students, which carry out experimental work in the fields of Electric Machinery and Power Electronics. At the undergraduate level, third year students carry out experiments on transformers, and DC and AC electrical machines, and the fourth year students, on power electronics converters (AC/DC, DC/DC And DC/AC converters) using some educational set-ups. The laboratory serves at the same time the graduate level students in view of some electric motor drives experiments, and also allows them to conduct experimental work for their own M.Sc. or Ph.D. theses works, by building up their own set-ups and testing them at the single-phase 220VAC or three-phase 380 V AC voltage levels, up to a few kW power range.

The laboratory infrastructure is constituted of various measurement equipment (digital oscilloscopes, current/voltage probes, multimeters, ammeter, voltmeter, and wattmeters, power quality analyzer, harmonic analyzer, digital tachometer, RLC meter, and etc.), single and three-phase variable autotransformers, various transformers, DC power supplies, DC/AC motor-generator sets, multi-purpose, thyristorized and transistorized power electronics set-ups and some power semiconductors. Besides these, various hand tools are available in the laboratory for mounting/demounting needs.

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