Real-time Course & Classroom Status
Today is 01 March 2024 Friday and now it's 01:22. There are no courses continuing at the moment or upcoming within an hour.

01 March 2024 Friday
Today's courses

Course code Course name Hall Start
ELE230 22 Electronics I E8 09:40
ELE230 21 Electronics I E7 09:40
MAT124 02,05 Mathematics II E3 13:40
ELE124 22 Computer Programming E3 08:40
ELE475 21 High Voltage Technology E6 08:40
ELE719 Special Topics in Electronics SS 13:40
The information given on this page is based on the course and exam schedules in our database. Any specific course may be cancelled or time-shifted temporarily for a specific day. Please consult the supervisors and/or follow the courses' e-mail lists for exact information.
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