Microprocessor Laboratory

Microprocessor laboratory has an educational purpose. In this laboratory, applications and practical experiments are realized in order to support the theorectical classes.

Classes and Experiments

ELE415 Microprocessor Architecture and Programming Laboratory-I: In this class 6 experiments and 1 application exam are realized by using Primer 8085 microprocessor experiment kit. These experiments are:

  • Data Transfer Operations & Instructions
  • Input/Output and Arithmetic/Logical Operations
  • Logic Operations and Delay
  • Subroutines
  • BCD Arithmetic Operations, Memory Allocation and Built-in Services
  • Timers, Interrupts and Built-in Services

ELE414 Microprocessor Architecture and Programming -II : To help the theoretical class, by using Digiac 2000 8086 microprocessor, these experiments are realized:

  • PAT System Call and Arithmetic Operations
  • Using ADC
  • Ultrasonic Transmitter-Receiver Control
  • Building Menu and Programming Timer
  • Programming Timer and Using Piezo Sounder

The experiments realized with Atmel 8051 Experiment Kit are:

  • Creating and using Header File to use LCD
  • Real-time data transfer by using UART Channel

ELE492 Special Topics- Embedded System Design, to help the theoretical class, by using Atmel 8051 and MSP430 experiment kits, various fundamental experiments are realized.

Hardware Facilities

The hardware and experiment sets present in the laboratory are:

  • Windows XP and Ubuntu installed computers
  • Primer 8085 Experiment Kit
  • Digiac 2000 8086 Experiment Kit
  • Atmel 8051 Experiment and Application Kit
  • MSP430fg4618h Experiment and Development Kit
  • EEPROM Programmer
  • Arena SmartCard+Card+Programmer
  • Maximel Power Supplies
  • Microconverters
  • Quick Ohm Card-Reader Circuit
  • MSP ez430-f2013 Development Kit
  • MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool
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