Photovoltaic Energy Research Laboratory

In thislaboratory, various research and development activities on photovoltaic energy applications are conducted as well as graduate courses and theses work have been offered. Among simulation studies, one may mention the following studies:


The energy per unit are at any point on the earth surface on the earth can be realistically calculated by using a novel softwre developed in this laboratory. Besides, there are other simulation programs that have developed to calculate alpha and azimuth angles of the sun at any day and hour in the year with respect to any location on the earth.

fotovoltaik-lab-sekil1 fotovoltaik-lab-sekil2

Moreover, various homework and exercises have been given to students in graduate courses that are realted to 1MW solar energy production unit desgin and home furnace designs.

Equipment Infrastructure in the Laboratory

Home made equipments are in service, such as slar alpha and azimuth angle measurement device and solar cell voltage-current characteristics measurement device with light source.

fotovoltaik-lab-VI_olcer1 fotovoltaik-lab-VI_olcer2

In experimental studies, home made 8W panel is used.


In the corner of electronic circuit production area, one can find various classical electronic componentsand SMD (surface mount) components. These are used to prepare units for electronic hardware projects.


Electromechanical units are easily built by using table-top lathe and fraser.

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