Ionospheric Research Laboratory

Ionospheric Research Laboratory (IRL) is established in 2006 accompanying a project grant from The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). IRL utilizes the experience of IONOLAB work group for 16 years and it is acknowledged with unique and novel algorithms and techniques both in Turkey and also in the world.

Research interests of IONOLAB work group includes but not limited to investigation of ionosphere, statistics of ionosphere and effects of ionosphere on communication signals. Research results can be reached from the laboratory's own web site http://www.ionolab.org.

In IONOLAB, researchers from various disciplines are getting together to handle challenges of the earth’s ionosphere.

IONOLAB team is formed of researchers, professors, graduate and undergraduate students from

  • Hacettepe University, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ankara, Turkey
  • Bilkent University , Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ankara, Turkey
  • General Command of Mapping of Turkish Army, Ankara, Turkey

Research Areas can be listed as:

  • Propagation in Anisotropic, Inhomogeneous and Time-Varying Magnetoplasma
  • Communication in Fading, Time-Varying, Multipath Channels
  • Channel Characterization and Variability Statistics for HF Channels
  • Direction Finding (DF) – Direction of Arrival (DoA) Estimation for HF Channels
  • Remote Sensing of the Ionosphere using Automatic GPS/TEC and Single Station Bias Estimation (IONOLAB-TEC and IONOLAB-BIAS)
  • GPS-TEC Mapping and Variability Statistics
  • GPS-TEC Ionospheric Tomography in 3 and 4 dimensions
  • Investigation of GPS-TEC (Ionosphere) and Earthquake Precursors

Along with the above listed research areas, COST 251, TUBITAK 105E171 and TUBITAK 109E055 projects; One doctorate, and 10 master’s theses are completed. TUBITAK 110E296 project is continuing with one doctorate and five master’s theses students. 20 students have received financial support from these projects.

IONOLAB is open to challenges in remote sensing of ionosphere.

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