Medical Instrument Design and Research Laboratory

Medical Instrument Design and Research Laboratory provides the engineering approach on the solutions and analysis for medical reserch areas and their applications. The strategic vision of EEMED is to advance the link between medical and electronics in education, reserch, innovation, design and entrepreneurship by focusing on practical and design aspects of medical problems.

Infrustructure of EEMED laboratory includes various types of data acquisation units (Biopac, Vernier, NXT, DSP boards) and it is equipped to serve wide application areas by the sets of associated sensors and transducers (for mechanic, biologic and physiologic data). Beside of these main set ups, general purpose experimental platform are ensembled to investigate physiologic, kinetic and kinematic data recordings by using medical image units, image based and sensor based motion anaysis systems. In this frame, the laboratory provides all necessities including electronic measuring equipments and tools for many research requirements. Some of the main research topics are the design of artificial knee prosthesis, design of ambulatory recording device for sleep apnea with apnea detection software.

EEMED laboratory is managed and coordinated by Dr. Atila Yżlmaz as principal investigator.

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