IT Services

As the leading department that started the first Gopher and WEB services of our university in 1991-92, the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department has still been holding the leadership in IT services since. Today, the department offers diverse computer and network based services within the university.

The network infrastructure of our department consists of gigabit-operating single-mode fiber cables and layer-3 switches. All our staff have PC's with high-speed Internet connection. Our department's backbone uplink to the university's main computer center is 10 Gbps, and the total Internet connection of the campus is 2 Gbps as well through the National Academic Network System, excluding the inter-campus connections.

The Web site of the department is fully automated thanks to a database system behind, and information on academic works such as research activities can be frequently updated. Besides, with a Student Database Automation initiated in 2010-2011 academic year, making announcements about courses and grades, submitions of courseware and homeworks to/by students are fully managed via a web-based system.

Our students have two general-purpose computer laboratories each equipped high-speed Internet connected and centrally managed PC's. Those labs are open 24 hours a day. The department has various different virtual LANs both real and virtual IPs serving for different purposes.

The department offers various IT services such as e-mail with virus protection, WEB with virtual domains, SQL database, ftp, own-dns, time, terminal services, cloud document sharing, multicast and on-demand streaming audio/video system. These services are currently provided by a number of high-performance servers. All signage screens throuout the department are also integrated to the department's information system.

Besides, the department has been hosting an IP-based TV system called "Hacettepe Internet TV". The system was designed and implemeted as a research project of our department and has been serving to the university with its live broadcasts and video-on-demand library since 2004.

Also, since the beginning of 2004 there has been an IEEE802.11abgn wireless network in our department to serve the students and staff with Wi-Fi enabled mobile computers.

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