General Information

There are research activities in diverse areas such as electrical power systems, power electronics, control systems, electromagnetics, telecommunications, microwave and antennas, biomedical electronics and digital signal processing in our department. The researchers publish their works in both national and international journals and conference preceedings. Our senior researchers perform as referees in many international institutions such as IEEE and IEE, and organize national/international scientific meetings and symposiums.

Besides leading a recently completed COST project within the EU, our department participates in many other research projects in collaboration with The National Scientific Research Agency and other national universities.

In addition, MSc and PhD students' publications and theses contribute to the research activities within our department.

For more information on ongoing and completed theses, dissertations, projects and publications please see the statistics page.

There is a database system storing publications, theses and projects in the department.

This database is dynamically updated both centrally by the department administration and by the faculty themselves.

You may see the statistics derived from these data or perform a detailed search on them.

Journal paper530
Conference paper1044
Book chapter17
Technical report11
Research paper1
Translated book2
Total: 1616
MSc Thesis590
PhD Dissertation57
Total: 647
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit49
The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey48
Other national foundation4
International academic5
Private Sector20
State+Private Sector8
International private sector2
International government2
European Union1
Total: 153

Numbers dynamically update with our database content.

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