Theses & Dissertations
Theses and/or dissertaions supervised by Dr. Mehmet Şafak
Found PhD Dissertation(s): 2
Found MSc Thesis(s): 21
#TitlePrepared bySupervised byLevelDate
1A distributed scheduling policy for linear multi-hop wireless relay networksMehmet UrcanDr. M. ŞafakMSc2013
2A random beamforming method for multiuser multiple antenna communication systemsSeçkin Anıl YıldırımDr. M. ŞafakMSc2012
3Performance Analysis of Parasitic Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) SystemsÖmer HaliloğluDr. M. ŞafakMSc2012
4Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request Methods in Wireless CommunicationsOnural ÇimenlerDr. M. ŞafakMSc2011
5Constellation Rotation and Coordinate Interleaving in OFDM systemsMustafa AhçıDr. M. ŞafakMSc2010
6Effects of Fading and Shadowing on Cooperative Sensing in Cognitive Radio NetworksHalil TongülDr. M. ŞafakMSc2010
7Effects of Correlation and Antenna Polarization on the MIMO System PerformanceMuhammet Emin YanıkDr. M. ŞafakMSc2010
8Turbo EqualizationBurcu KutlukayaDr. M. ŞafakMSc2008
9Comparison of the channel capacity predictions by Kronecker and Müller models in MIMO channelsMüge Karaman ÇolakoğluDr. M. ŞafakMSc2006
10Adaptive modulation schemes for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systemsMurat ÇakırDr. M. ŞafakMSc2005
11Reduction of Peak to Average Power Ratio in OFDM SystemsRafet YücelDr. M. ŞafakMSc2003
12Space-time coding in correlated fading channelsMüge YılmazDr. M. ŞafakMSc2003
13Effect of Correlation in Diversity SystemsSidar BozayDr. M. ŞafakMSc2003
14Performance Analysis of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) SystemÖzgür KarabacakDr. M. ŞafakMSc2002
15A DSP Based DMT Modem For Power Line CommunicationsBaşak GüvençDr. M. ŞafakMSc2001
16Performance analysis of a mobile radio systemAyşen BalbaşDr. M. ŞafakMSc2001
17Error rate analysis of DMT systems in dispersive channels with correlated impulsive noiseGökhan PayDr. M. ŞafakMSc2001
18Performance analysis of trellis coded modulation over Nakagami fading channelsGamze ErolDr. M. ŞafakMSc2000
19Experimental characterization of low-voltage energy distribution linersFaruk KuralDr. M. ŞafakMSc2000
20The effects of modulation and coding on low-voltage power-line communivationsErsin YavuzDr. M. ŞafakMSc2000
21Statistical analysis of the focal-region-fields of parabolic reflector antennasDemir ÖnerDr. M. ŞafakPhD1983
22Analysis of wave propagation in optical fibers with elliptical cross-sectionSelahattin TosunerDr. M. ŞafakMSc1981
23Scattering from microwave reflector antennasErdem YazganDr. M. ŞafakPhD1981

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