Theses & Dissertations
Theses and/or dissertaions supervised by Dr. Hüseyin Demircioğlu
Found PhD Dissertation(s): 2
Found MSc Thesis(s): 19
#TitlePrepared bySupervised byLevelDate
1Control of Time Delay Systemsİlker Talat Can KutlucanDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2022
2Control of a Ball and Beam SystemBurcu UludoğanDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2019
3F-16 Flight Control System Design by Using Continuous-time Generalized Predictive ControlHüseyin AktanDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2018
4Modeling and Control of A QuadrotorAhmet DemiryürekDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2018
5Relay Sliding Mode Control Based on The Input Output ModelŞölen Kumbay YıldızDr. H. DemircioğluPhD2013
6Satellite Attitude ControlAkın YılmazDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2013
7Detection of Moving Targets From Video SequencesDerya ÖzkanDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2011
8Identification and Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Neural NetworksUmut MenetDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2009
9Speed Control System Design and Implementation for An Unmanned Ground VehicleHalil Onur ŞirinDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2009
10Model Reference Sliding Mode ControlOnur ÖzolDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2008
11Constrained Continuous-time Predictive ControlÇağatay YavuzyılmazDr. H. DemircioğluPhD2006
12Applications of Model Reference Adaptive ControlŞölen KumbayDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2006
13Control of Inverted Pendulum SystemResul AltınDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2005
14Modelling and Control of Fire System for Main Battle TankRamazan ArıkDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2005
15Self-Tuning Multivariable PI and PID Control Using Pole Assignment ApproachSerkan ZobarDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2004
16A Practical Application of Multivariable CGPCGökçen CivanDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2004
17Analysis of Systems Having General Uncertainity StructuresErhan DaşDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2004
18A Practical Application of Constrained CGPC MethodÇağatay YavuzyılmazDr. H. DemircioğluMSc2000
19Auto-Tuning Techniques For Pid Controllers: A Pratical Applications and ComparisonAbdullah ÖzcanDr. H. DemircioğluMSc1998
20Systems Identification : A real ApplicationAhmet ToktaşDr. H. DemircioğluMSc1997
21Application and Comparison of GPC and CGPC Control Methods on A Real SystemErcan KarasuDr. H. DemircioğluMSc1997

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