Theses & Dissertations
Theses and/or dissertaions supervised by Dr. Emre Aktaş
Found PhD Dissertation(s): 2
Found MSc Thesis(s): 19
#TitlePrepared bySupervised byLevelDate
1Stochastic Geometry-Based Performance Analysis of IRS-Aided mmWave NetworksAbdullah Yasin EtcibaşıDr. E. AktaşMSc2022
2Acoustic Direction of Arrival Estimation of Unmanned Aerial VehiclesSerhat KaraaslanDr. E. AktaşMSc2021
3Frequency and Time Synchronization in LEO Satellite Communication SystemsAbdullah Burak AcarDr. E. AktaşMSc2019
4The Effect of Time and Frequency Offset in FBMC Multicarrier Wireless Communication System PerformanceElif AlavandaDr. E. AktaşMSc2018
5Small Cell Discovery Search Performance in Heterogenous Mobile NetworksCansu GençoğluDr. E. AktaşMSc2018
6Effect of Hardwares and Design Parameters of Adaptive Digital Predistortion on System PerformanceArmağan BaltacıDr. E. AktaşMSc2018
7Low Complexity Receivers for Continuous Phase ModulationCansu ŞenDr. E. AktaşMSc2017
8Intrinsic Interference and Preamble Based Channel Estimation in FBMCUmut KayıkcıDr. E. AktaşMSc2017
9Network Coded Automatic Repeat Request Methods for Cooperative Wireless SystemsRAŞİT TUTGUNDr. E. AktaşPhD2015
10Adaptive modulation and coding in multiple relay cooperative communication channels with automatic repeat requestCansu SunuDr. E. AktaşMSc2014
11Hybrid ARQ methods in cooperative wireless communicationsİbrahim ÖzkanDr. E. AktaşMSc2014
12Comparison of Spatial Modulation and Antenna Selection in MIMO NetworksMerve SefunçDr. E. AktaşMSc2014
13Equivalent Relay Channel Approach to GF(q) Network Coded Wireless NetworksIlgın ŞafakDr. E. AktaşPhD2013
14Modeling and Simulation of Wireless Communication ChannelsMiray KocabaşDr. E. AktaşMSc2011
15Iterative Algorithms on Wide-Band Wireless Communication Systemsİsmail Cem KarabakalDr. E. AktaşMSc2010
16Factor Graphs For Subcarrier Allocation In OFDMA Relay NetworkHüseyin Aziz ÇelebiDr. E. AktaşMSc2010
17OFDMA Resource Allocation Using Factor Graph Method In Single Cell And Cellular NetworksTolga UygunolDr. E. AktaşMSc2010
18Pilot Design in Time Division Duplexing Code Division Multiple Access SystemsRaşit TutgunDr. E. AktaşMSc2009
19Serial Concatenation of Low Density Parity Check Codes and Differential ModulationErsin Baran AkkuşDr. E. AktaşMSc2008
20Power Spectral Density and Probability Density Function Estimation of the Total Electron Content of the Ionosphere LayerNisa TürelDr. E. AktaşMSc2008
21Channel Estimation and Capacity Calculation Using Pilot Symbols: Finite Frame CaseUmut Suphi ŞenerDr. E. AktaşMSc2007

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