Research Projects
Dr. Şölen Kumbay Yıldız's Projects (as owner or participant)
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit224
1Telerehabilitation Supported by Image Based Motion Analysis System Through Web and ARMxoHU Exoskeleton Design for Home Therapy: DMD and MS ApplicationsDr. Atila YılmazContinuing
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit
2Design and implementation of an insect-like wall-following robot with a soft robotic antennaDr. Şölen Kumbay YıldızContinuing
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit
3Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department's AccreditationDr. Birsen SakaCompleted
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit
4Strengthening Laboratory Infrastructure of Electrical and Electronics Engineering DepartmentDr. Dinçer GökcenCompleted
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit
Projects suffixed by * sign denote that the project supervisors are out of our department. Our staff contribute to these projects as researchers or advisors.

Project details

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