Research Projects
Dr. Özlem Özgün's Projects (as owner or participant)
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit22
The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey33
Private Sector33
Other national foundation11
1Development of a Fast Analysis Tool for High Frequency Radar Cross Section (RCS) ComputationsDr. Özlem ÖzgünCompleted
The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey
2Design of Optimum Antenna Arrays in Air PlatformDr. Özlem ÖzgünCompleted
Private Sector
3Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department's AccreditationDr. Birsen SakaCompleted
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit
4Development of Sea Clutter Algorithms (METRAD II)Dr. Özlem ÖzgünCompleted
Private Sector
5Development of Microwave Imaging Algorithms based on Coordinate Transformations for Detection of Cancerous TissuesDr. Özlem ÖzgünCompleted
HU Scientific Research Projects Unit
6Radar performance analysis algorithms (ÇAFRAD project - phase I)Dr. Özlem ÖzgünCompleted
The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey
7(TEDU BAP) Visual Application Tools for Undergraduate Education in Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDr. Özlem ÖzgünCompleted
Other national foundation
8Yeni Yön-bağımlı Metamateryal Özellikleri Tasarlayarak Elektromanyetik Problemlerin Etkin Sayısal ModellenmesiDr. Özlem ÖzgünCompleted
The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey
9ASELSAN FİSAG project - phase II: Developing statistical classification algorithms in MATLAB in conjunction with a warning systemDr. Özlem ÖzgünCompleted
Private Sector
Projects suffixed by * sign denote that the project supervisors are out of our department. Our staff contribute to these projects as researchers or advisors.

Project details

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