Information for Registration
2023-2024 SPRING TERM
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Update: 08.02.2024 @15:06
  1. For the 2023-2024 spring term registration procedures please visit the Office of Student Affairs' Web site: Please follow the procedures in "Öğrenci Ders Kayıt Kılavuzu" document published on the web site carefully.
  2. In addition please make sure you have read the regulation on that web page as well. Please consult your academic advisor if you have problems with the language.
  3. Please be reminded that students in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th semesters can register maximum of 30 ECTS credits. (Directive article 7.)
  4. There will be no quota extension in the courses that have two or more lecturers before all sections become full.
  5. If you wish to take a course from another University, you will need to report this intention to the department before the start of the semester and acquire necessary permissions.
  6. First, second and third grade laboratories have 8 sections (21-28), whereas fourth grade laboratories have 5 sections (21-25). If you cannot register to a section due to full-quota try other sections. The section number you select does not matter as the laboratory hours will be announced later by the laboratory assistants.
  7. Please pay attention in your registrations to keep course + laboratory consistency. If you failed one of these it would be sufficient to take only the course or lab that you failed.
  8. Compulsory courses cannot be dropped. Maximum of three elective courses may be dropped. A dropped course cannot be registered again. (Directive article 26). (Only theoretical one of the 4th year's course+lab couples may be dropped. Then the laboratory course left will be kept in the transcript, however its credit cannot be included in the total credits necessary to graduate.) (Related petition letter:
  9. Each internship practice of 15 days will be coded either as ELE 389 and ELE 390 in accordance with the present term. However, any of these courses must not be registered unless the student performed the internship (at least 15 days) and wrote the report since these courses have credits and will be graded as any other course. For instance, you must register the internship course in the fall semester of your junior year if you completed your internship during the summer between your sophomore and junior years. Or if you completed your internship during the summer after your junior year, you must register the course at the beginning of the fall term of your senior (fourth) year. Those students who perform their internship during semester break may register ELE 389 or ELE 390 at the beginning of following spring term.
  10. For those students whose entrance year is 2015 and later, the "MÜH 103 & MÜH 104 - Occupational Health and Safety I/II" courses are compulsory. 2022-2023 fall term's section code of MÜH 103 is set as 03. (These courses had existed with course codes of HAS 222 ad HAS 223 respectively within our curriculum before; and now, as of 2019-2020 spring term, they have been renamed as MÜH 103 and MÜH 104.)
  11. The section codes for ELE 389 and ELE 390 are both 1.
  12. UNI 101 Orientation course is compulsory for all students.
  13. TKD 104 - Turkish Language II course is given online only from
  14. In order to graduate, senior (fourth grade) students must take at least 28 local credits and 54 ECTS credits(excluding ELE 401 and ELE 402) taking course + laboratory consistencies into account.
  15. For ELE 401 / ELE 402 - Senior Design Project's section codes: Please find and use the section code corresponding to your project supervisor based on the document "Section Codes for ELE 401 - 402 Graduation Project" (link on the side / below).
  16. Prerequisite system for some undergraduate courses came into operation starting from 2016-2017 academic year. Prerequisite system dictates that a course cannot be registered during the enrollment before its prerequiste course(s) are taken and succeeded (please see the table of prerequisite courses on the Tables of Prerequisite and Concurrent Courses page).
  17. Starting from 2023-2024 academic year, some courses have been replaced by their equivalent new ones: ELE 220 and ELE 244 were terminated and ELE 226, ELE 228, ELE 246, ELE 489 and ELE 490 were added. ELE 220 course is equivalent to ELE 226 course + ELE 228 laboratory; ELE 244 course is equivalent to ELE 246 course. If you failed with ELE 220 course before and normally have to repeat it, you must register both ELE 226 and ELE 228. Similarly, if you failed with ELE 244 course before and no have to repeat it, you must register ELE 246. If you have previously passed the old ones, you do not need to register the new ones.
  18. Starting from 2022-2023 academic year, some courses have been replaced by their equivalent new ones: ELE 107, ELE 120 and ELE 302 were terminated and replaced with ELE 109, ELE 124 and ELE 320 respectively. If you failed with one or more of the terminated courses before and normally have to repeat them, you must register their equivalent new ones now. If you have previously passed the old ones, you do not need to register the new ones.
  19. All students are required to take at least 2 non-technical elective courses (SEC courses etc) with a total credit of 7 ECTS.
  20. ELE 293, ELE 294 and ELE 296 are service courses for other departments; they are not suitable for this department's students!
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