General Information

There are currently total of 34 full time academic and management personnel at the department. The number of academic personnel is 28 while the number of management staff counts to 6. Currently 8 research/teaching assistants are working at the department, 1 of which have PhD, 4 of which have MS and 3 of which have BS degrees.

Academic Personnel
Associate Professor3
Assistant Professor4
Research Assistant8
Management Personnel
Computer operator2
Assistant technician1
Department Administration
Department Chair:Prof.Dr. Atila Yılmaz
Department Vice Chair:Prof.Dr. Emre Aktaş
Department Vice Chair:Asst.Prof.Dr. Barış Yüksekkaya
Electronics Division Chair:Prof.Dr. Ali Ziya Alkar
Electrical Machinery Division Chair:Prof.Dr. Işık Çadırcı
Control Systems Division Chair:Prof.Dr. Hüseyin Demircioğlu
Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Techniques Division Chair:Prof.Dr. Özlem Özgün
High Voltage Systems Division Chair:Prof.Dr. Birsen Saka
Telecommunications Division Chair:Prof.Dr. Cenk Toker
Circuits and Systems Division Chair:Prof.Dr. Atila Yılmaz
Department secretary:Kübra Eldemir
Department secretary:Fidan Kahraman
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